Cleanergy Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Cleanergy biogas plants are one of the most Compact Industrial Scale biogas plants. It is an indigenous technology developed to process wide variety of feed stocks. The biogas generated from these plants can be used for thermal application as well as electricity generation.


Cleanergy biogas plants are designed to process organic waste/ food waste generated in the premises of Bulk Waste Generators (BWG) like Schools and Colleges, Universities, Industrial Canteens, Three Star and Five Star hotels, Temples, Hospitals, Industries, Food Processing Plants, etc.

Cleanergy biogas plants offer several advantages, including

Energy cost savings

Cleanergy biogas plants provide a source of renewable energy which can reduce energy cost.

Waste Reduction

Cleanergy biogas plants effectively manage organic waste and convert into valuable biogas and nutrient-rich digestate, reducing waste disposal costs.

Environmental Benefits

Cleanergy biogas plants help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable waste management practices.

Energy Independence

Cleanergy biogas plants help Industries to become less dependent on external energy sources. Cleanergy empowers industries to help invest their waste to produce sustainable source of energy i.e. biogas

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