Cleanergy Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Why us

Super - Compact

Availability of space is one of the biggest constraints to install biogas plants. Cleanergy biogas plants are super-compact and can be installed in backyard, basement, etc.


Cleanergy biogas plants are highly modular in nature which allows easy customization and adaptation to specific needs as per customer requirement. Cleanergy biogas plants are designed as per requirement of each project.


Cleanergy biogas plants are completely foldable. Cleanergy biogas plants are designed as per local site needs which does not require any alteration in existing infrastructure.


Odor control is crucial in biogas plants to prevent the release of unpleasant smells, which can be a source of nuisance to nearby communities. Cleanergy biogas plant is a well-designed, neighbour-friendly facility which can co-exist with urban societies.

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