Cleanergy Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.



Cleanergy is an advance version of traditional biogas systems and overcomes the challenges, technology shortcomings associated with traditional biogas system.

Two Stage Digestion

Cleanergy biogas technology is a high rate, two stage digestion system. This helps to improve efficiency of biogas plant by at least 30% as compared to traditional biogas plants.

Efficient Pre-digestion

Cleanergy biogas plants consist of high rate, efficient pre-digester. Hydrolysis is normally a rate limiting factor in anaerobic digestion. Our pre-digestors help to accelerate hydrolysis rate and break down the organic matter, fibrous material, etc.

Efficient Anaerobic Digester

Cleanergy biogas plants consist of high rate, efficient anaerobic digester. We create optimum conditions inside the digester for anaerobic bacteria’s so that we accelerate digestion process.

Automatic Gas Management System

Cleanergy biogas plants are equipped with automatic gas management system. Industrial kitchen requires LPG like cooking experience. Our gas management system ensures that biogas gets stored at optimum pressure and deliver it to kitchen at consistent flow rata to get LPG like cooking experience. A complete safety is ensured while designing and installing the system.

Robust Diagnosis System

This is heart and soul of our technology. Our system tracks all key parameters of the plant and sends data to our central cloud. This helps to keep track of all the plants without being physically present there.

Comprehensive Solution

Cleanergy biogas plant comes with a complete solution unlike traditional biogas plants. Our plants come with all the required components like food waste crusher, digester tank, automatic gas storage and specially designed biogas burners.

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