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Assured Technical Support

Biogas production is a complex process. Operating a biogas plant and ensure its smooth functioning requires regular monitoring and corrective actions. We provide two types of support to make sure that plant runs smoothly.

Maintain biological health of digester

Biogas production is a complex process of anaerobic digestion which depends on a community of microorganisms to break down matter. Maintaining a healthy microbial population is essential to ensure consistent gas production and avoid process disruptions.

Our service includes

  • Monitoring and Analysis
    Continuously monitor the performance of the digester through measurements of gas production, gas composition, pH levels, and volatile fatty acids. Analyse this data to identify any issues promptly.
  • Address Upsets
    In case of process upsets or declines in biogas production, instruct operator to take corrective actions promptly. Identify the cause and remedy it, whether it’s related to feedstock quality, acidity or other factors.
  • Inoculation with active cultures
    Instruct operator to introduce active cultures or starter cultures to restore a healthy microbial population after disruptions.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance
    Remove excess sludge from the digester periodically to prevent feedstock accumulation and maintain optimum level of solids in the digester.

Mechanical and Electrical maintenance

Maintenance of biogas plants is critical to ensure their efficient operation, longevity and safety. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdown and improve uptime of the plant. 

Our service includes

  • Mechanical components testing
    Regular testing of mechanical components like food waste crusher, pumps, compressors, etc. Recommend if any spare replacement is required.
  • Inspection of electrical systems
    Inspect electrical connections and wiring for signs of wear or damage.
  • Safety inspection
    Perform a comprehensive safety inspection, including gas leak tests and pressure vessel inspections, as applicable.
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