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Cleanergy Tech Solutions was founded in 2016. Our aim is to provide sustainable organic waste management solution. Swachhgas is an indigenous modular biogas technology developed by us, which is one of the most versatile, efficient systems and gives excellent economic returns to urban as well as rural establishments. Our mission is to empower people to utilize waste as commodity.

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Our Team

Dhananjay Abhang

Dhananjay Abhang

Co-founder, Director

BE (Mechanical), MBA with 8 years of experience working in renewable energy at senior level positions in technology development and supply chain.
Shantanu Khanwelkar

Shantanu Khanwelkar

Co-founder, Director

MBA in HR & Advertisement with 10+ years of experience working in advertisement and social development projects with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Ford Foundation

Rohit Hedda

Rohit Hedda

Co-founder, Director

Rohit is working in field of building ERP solutions, IoT solutions since last 10 years. Rohit played key role in developing process automation and IoT solutions for company’s proprietary monitoring mechanism. He leads to develop our embedded and IoT solution required as per different projects.

Dr. Arun Dixit

Dr. Arun Dixit


M.Sc. Chemistry from UDCT, Mumbai and PhD from NCL. He has 30+ years of experience working in research and development at very senior level.


Swachhgas is one of the most versatile, efficient, flexible and adaptable biogas plants in the world. It is an indigenous technology developed to process wide variety of feed stocks. The biogas generated from these plants can be used for thermal application as well as electricity generation.

Design Based Flexibility

Our pre-fabricated modules can be erected at much faster than traditional biogas plants requiring very less civil work. Our plants are designed considering the local site need which helps us to make no alterations in existing infrastructure.

Robust Diagnosis System

This is heart and soul of our technology. Our system tracks all key parameters of the plant and sends data to our central cloud. This helps to keep track of all the plants without being physically present there.

Odourless, Plug And Play System

Our systems are well designed which can co-exist with urban society. As a testimony credential, we have installed our systems near kitchen.

Comprehensive Solution

Our plant comes with a complete solution unlike traditional biogas plants which comes with shredder, automatic gas storage and specially designed biogas burners. Our automatic gas compression system ensures that client gets LPG like cooking experience.


This a specialized biogas plant manufactured for small and medium scale requirements.

High quality fabric

Manufactured using world class technology from Switzerland

Installation in one day

Ready to install

Our Technology

Our proprietary cloud based monitoring technology is heart and soul of our system. Our robust design and advanced level automatic monitoring helps to keep our process stable, downtime of system below 5% and deliver consistent performance throughout the year. 

Every bio-gas plant delivers good performance if we keep anaerobic digester process parameters within desired limits. Unlike traditional systems where only pH and temperature is monitored, we monitor fatty acids level using our proprietary advanced automatic system. pH is a lagging indicator which gives process imbalance signal at a very later stage. Our advanced monitoring system helps to get process imbalance signal at very early stage which helps to take preventive action.

Our expert team analyses data received on cloud on daily basis and guide plant operators to take any preventive action when required.

Our Services

We are specialised in developing turnkey solution for our clients to process organic waste.

Industrial Canteen

University / College Canteen

Dairy Farms

Poultry Farms

Biogas plant services

Often traditional plants become dysfunctional due to poor design and lack of monitoring technology. We offer to redesign the whole system at optimal cost.

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